preserved moss wall art

Preserved Moss Wall Art!

I run flower studio, Flower La Vita, here at Cockington Court Craft Centre in Sea Change Studios and I specialise in wedding and funeral flowers. 

Last year, I was a finalist at South West Wedding Awards and also received Silver at South West Herald Express Business awards as a young business person of the year. It has given me the confidence to do more with my business and start to explore art further.

I have just celebrated three years since opening the doors to my studio and to celebrate I launched a new collection; Preserved Moss Wall Art, something that I was inspired to do whilst enjoying a lovely walk in Dartmoor.

I am thrilled that this new art means I have been selected to be part of the Sculpture Trail 2019 at Cockington Court Craft Centre. On the trail you will find one of my first pieces called “Dartmoor Love”.

My Wall Art is made using a moss and foliage that have been grown, harvested and preserved using natural ingredients. My favourite items to use are reindeer moss, bun moss, dried craspedia flowers, lavender, preserved ferns and forest moss. And most importantly it is maintenance free and it needs no light or water as it is no longer a living item so will not wilt or die. The preserved moss wall art can only be used for interior use and should be kept away from direct sunlight.

Artwork is great for the living room, bedroom or office space and can be used in a large number of ways to create stunning design effects, feature walls and signage. I love that fact that each piece is different, bespoke and personally designed.

If you want to see more of my work pop into my studio and say hello.

For more information you can email me on [email protected] or send your enquiry via my website


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