Herald Express South West Business Awards

Im going to need a bigger shelf!

Yet another award has been presented to Flower La Vita! This one is from the Herald Express South Devon Business Awards, where I was crowned Silver Award in Young Business Person of the Year category!

The event took place on Friday March 16 at the Riviera International Conference Centre in Torquay with award winning broadcaster Ian Axton making the presentation. It was great to meet so many talented people in business industry and hear their stories of how they have become successful!

Gold next year?


South West Wedding Award

Flower La Vita, on January 18th 2018, was announced as a Finalist at South West Wedding Awards. These awards are Devon and Cornwall’s premier people’s choice awards for weddings. The Awards recognise those businesses which exceed the expectations of their customers, who provide an outstanding service and who inspire their customers to actively and positively promote them.

So, you can be sure that Flower La Vita will always extend an everyday service that includes professional excellence, real product quality, with value for money giving you a true commitment to your wedding.


Artificial Flowers

Flower La Vita has been seeing a growing trend in the request for artificial flowers recently and it’s not hard to see why. An artificial bouquet or arrangement will provide enjoyment long after the day of the event they were destined for. A gift that literally keeps on giving!

I am seeing destination bride and grooms choose artificial flowers over fresh as the logistics of using an alternative display are so much more preferential. If you don’t know what flowers would be available to you overseas, or have a particular bloom in mind, it makes sense to have it designed and arranged here, and just take it with you!

The quality of artificial flowers used to leave much to be desired, but production today has introduced wonderful textures that are lifelike and a range of marvellous colours that really open up the design ideas.

Make a visit to Flower la Vita to see the sizes, palettes, designs and wonderful types of flowers available.


Flower Meanings

As flowers have existed for thousands of years, their history is rich amongst all cultures. Did you know that every flower has a meaning, a definition of sorts passed down through the ages and still used today. See how your choices reflect your mood or sentiments:

  • Roses
    Roses have inspired people over the ages to develop a language of roses by ascribing meanings to the colour, variety and number of roses being gifted. Traditionally of course, the rose is considered the flower of love.
  • Tulips
    The most common meaning for tulips is perfect or deep love. Because tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, they can mean rebirth. Victorians often associated tulips with charity. FACT: The tulip is usually sweetly scented and depending on the variety it can grow from a few inches to over two feet tall. Did you know that a tulip will continue to grow once cut! The flower has a variety of shapes and it comes in most colours although there are no pure blue varieties.
  • Carnations
    The Latin word for carnation is dianthus which translates as flower of the gods. Carnations were cultivated as garden flowers in ancient Rome and Greece. The carnation is a symbol for fascination, distinction, and love.
  • Forget-Me-Not
    This delicate little flower is symbolised via the many tales and tragedies of the historic past. It’s meaning is for a memory that must never be erased, something worth remembering, or something that should never be forgotten.
  • Peony
    Together with the plum blossom, the peony is a national floral symbol of the country of China. The Chinese name for peony means “beautiful” and in Chinese culture the flowers represent riches, prosperity and honour. A popular choice therefore for Bridal Bouquets.Peonies are regarded as the symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage. In China where they were used to treat headache, asthma, and even childbirth pain.
  • Lily of the Valley
    This flower represents sweetness and the return of happiness. It can also symbolise humility. Lily of the valley is not a “true” lily. Despite its name, it actually belongs to the asparagus family!
  • Gerbera
    A flower that symbolises innocence and purity, friendship, as well as being a classic symbol of beauty. A lovely flower to share with your friends. In the Netherlands, nearly 900 million gerberas are produced every year. It’s classed as the fifth most popular flower.
  • Lisianthus
    The lisianthus may appear soft and cute, but it has a powerful symbolism, since this flower represents appreciation, gratitude and charisma. This beautiful flower is also a symbol of a lifelong bond between two people. Some often use it as a gift for anniversaries and other special occasion when love is being celebrated.
  • Gypsophila
    The iconic symbol of long lasting love because it’s commonly used to round out wedding bouquets and centrepieces. Also the link to Baby’s breath is surrounding the tiny white innocent flowers that represent purity of self discipline and fidelity is a modern meaning for this classic flower.
  • Stocks
    Stocks are an underrated bloom. They represent a long life full of happiness and success and Contentment with your life the way it is right now, also used to tie
    Bonds of affection.

The meaning behind flower colours?

Almost every flower and its colour variant have a different meaning or mood. Use the La Vita guide below to reflect how your recipient might want to feel.

  • White – Hope Truth and Purity
  • Blue – Loyalty, Faith and Eternity
  • Red – Love Passion and Energy
  • Orange – Spontaneity, Positivity and Adventure
  • Pink – Peace Harmony and Compassion
  • Purple – Temperance, Grace and Royalty
  • Yellow – Faith, Purity and Wisdom
  • Green – Joy, abundance and Mirth
biodegradable confetti-dried flowers-florist-gift-display-torquay-torbay

Biodegradable Confetti

“Shower the Happy couple in wishes and of course confetti!”

A tradition that has stood the test of time but has evolved from throwing flowers and rice, to rice papers, wedding party guests still want to shower the newlyweds with confetti. The tradition of throwing confetti over the bride and groom comes from Italy to bestow prosperity and fertility to them both.

Flower La Vita can now prepare natural biodegradable dried flower petal confetti for your guests. For the environmentally conscious it’s a wonderful alternative, and some venues especially Churches will insist on it.

I can supply you a bulk weight or if you want the hard work done for you, they can be individually portioned for your guests. Choose from organza bags or boxes or supply your own containers.

VITA TIP: Check with your venue that confetti is allowed before bulk ordering. Tell them a natural confetti (biodegradable) is available as this may be more favourable!


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